Fireworks Cause Horn Lake House Fire

July 5, 2021

Horn Lake, Ms

Horn Lake Fire Department officials are investigating a house fire that happened late Sunday night.

The house located in the 2600 block of Eastbrook Drive, was reported on fire around 10 p.m.

Horn Lake Fire Chief David Linville said, from all indications the fire was caused by fireworks going off in the carport.

“The house is a total loss” Linville said.  The house next door suffered damage too because of the heat of the fire.

At one point Horn Lake Fire was working 6 different fires related to fireworks in their city.

There were no major injuries in the fires, but Linville said, one young girl suffered a busted ear drum due to a fireworks explosion.

Although fireworks are legal in the City of Horn Lake, this is a grim reminder of the dangers that they pose.