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Thunderstorm Chances Every Day this Week

Once again, we will have chances for afternoon thunderstorms that could develop at just about any location. The locations of these types of thunderstorms is difficult to predict, so keep that umbrella handy. Today will be partly cloudy with highs

Let’s Talk About Outflow Boundaries

Outflow boundaries, or gust fronts, show up on radar and usually indicate a collapsing thunderstorm. Let’s talk about them for a couple of minutes.

Let’s Talk About Pulse Thunderstorms

Isolated thunderstorms developed across DeSoto and Tate Counties yesterday afternoon with impressive rain totals. Doppler radar estimates show totals of 2-3 inches common in areas south of Hernando. Lightning strike indicators reported over 1700 strikes of lightning with these pulse

2019 Weather Review

2019 Weather Recap for Olive Branch and DeSoto County To say that 2019 was a wet year would be an understatement for sure. I recorded 87.17″ of rain during the year which is 33.5″ above the normal of 53.67″. We

Current Conditions in Olive Branch

Look Before You Lock

Please “look before you lock” your car to avoid a tragedy.

Weather Safety on the Lake

Keep your eyes on the skies this weekend if lake activities are in your future.

Hail Size Chart

Winter Storm Products from the NWS

What do the different winter storm products issued by the NWS really mean?

Signs of Hypothermia

What are the signs of hypothermia and what can you do to prevent it?