A Divided America

Southaven, Ms

By: Mike Upchurch

We certainly are divided as a Nation these days. It looks as though the Country is literally torn in half.  And the divisions seem political, but they are mostly spiritual.  It’s not Republican versus Democrat, it’s believer verses non believer. And there are both in each Party, but the divide is largely a spiritual divide. Let’s look at some of that divide according to polling, voting, and the media coverage…..

It seems as though half of America wants to join the New World Order, while the other half wants America First.  One government and one currency for the World. Is that God’s plan?  It might seem like a good idea to some, but it sets up the Antichrist to rule. 

It may be that half of America believes in Global Warming and we in the U.S. who drive internally combusted gas guzzlers are to blame. The others don’t believe the earth can be destroyed by man. They believe that the earth was designed by God to be resilient and sustaining, but does indeed go through cold and hot cycles.  We had an Ice Age and a heating back up of the Earth long before cars were invented. 

It seems that half the Country is rioting and looting, though it’s not really; it’s just the media’s coverage. But when you burn a business or destroy a police car, is that still political protest in God’s eyes?  Or is it you breaking the law and destroying personal and Government property. To me the rioting and looting and destruction of property is a spiritual problem. 

And it looks as though half the Country wants no borders, while the other half knows that a Country with no borders isn’t a Country.   The latter half believes that ALL people should be able to come to America, but LEGALLY. 

It looks as though some of the Country believes a vaccine will stop Covid-19, while the others know there’s a Flu vaccine and the Flu is still killing people. 

If you listen to the media, up to half the Country believes that gun owners kill people, especially school age kids. They want guns outlawed for private citizens. Those that support gun ownership know that kids have been quarantined at home with gun owners for over three months and there have been no mass shootings of kids.  

Apparently half the Country feels it should be legal to kill babies while the other half wants abortions ended.  That is certainly a spiritual problem. 

And it would appear that a lot of the Country believes in God. The others appear to believe in humanism and the importance of godless liberal ideas, such as the banning of prayer and the Bible from society.  The fact that they want to eliminate God from every aspect of their lives is clearly a spiritual problem. 

Pray for Unity.   Believers in America should be praying that unbelievers come to the Lord before we fall into the hands of an enemy.  “United we stand, and divided we fall!”

The solution to a divided Nation is revival. A spiritual awakening. Revival is the catalyst for true change. Our Country will remain divided without revival!

We are ALL under grace, but not everyone in this great Nation seems to have taken advantage of that grace through accepting Christ. We must have revival folks!  We need people coming to the Lord in droves. We need revival from sea to shining sea. Pray for that without ceasing!

In the end, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat America has a deeply rooted spiritual problem. And the answer is not who is in power and which Party rules…..the ONLY answer is Jesus my friends!  Period. 

And that’s the way I see it!

Pastor Mike