On Doubting God’s Existence

Southaven, Ms

By: Mike Upchurch

I’d like to paraphrase one of the best conversations I’ve heard pertaining to debating an agnostic or atheist on whether or not God exists. It goes something like this…..

“Would you say you know all there is to know about science?  Do you know all the higher complexities of math?  Do you have all knowledge pertaining to the galaxies beyond ours?  Do you know all the complex answers as to how cells regenerate or do you know how cell assignments happen within the human body?  Why some cells comprise specific organs, and some are soft tissue, while others are bone?

Your answers are no?  Well then, if what you DO know would be pie graphed in a circle showing all the knowledge one can possess, would you say the portion of the things you do know in the pie would represent half?  Less?  Perhaps a third of the circle?  Even less?

Well, in considering all the knowledge one could possess in the Universe compared to your current knowledge, let’s say for the purposes of our illustration that what you know represents 20% of the circle (I’m being very generous, mine would probably be far less).  If that be the case, then wouldn’t it be possible that the knowledge and the existence of God could be in the 80% of the things you do not know in the pie graph, rather than in the 20% of what you do know?” 

It’s a very compelling argument. The fact that someone could be ignorant of the higher intricacies of math and science, yet that same individual would know for CERTAIN that God doesn’t exist, well that just doesn’t compute on any level.

It’s laughable really. For them to be so convinced He isn’t real, yet they can’t even explain the simplest of wonders; how or why we see different shades of red or green in our mind, for example. Or how we see ANY colors!  How can brain cells “see” something??  Their unbelief is just beyond my belief.

If you are atheist or even agnostic in your belief, then prove without a doubt He isn’t real. And if you can’t prove that, then you couldn’t possibly know the answer as to whether or not He exists.  Oh, I know your argument. You’ll say “prove that He IS real”.  Well it’s called faith. You have to believe before you will ever see.  That concept is in every facet of our lives. In storybooks, only those who truly believe can see the magical things unbelievers can’t see. Where do you suppose that concept came from? That’s right, God. He’s the origin of all we know in this world. And you will never see Him until you believe. 

You might want to argue that the Bible is full of contradictions, or debate that there is too much suffering in the world, so how could a loving God exist? Valid points I suppose. Not to me, but perhaps to you. But as to whether a loving God would allow suffering, we are all free will agents. He created us with the ability to make choices. Some people make bad choices which affect others; drunk drivers in accidents, mass shooters, suicide bombers; the list is endless of people who choose to do bad things to others. You cannot blame God for the actions of a free will bent on destruction.

While I may not be qualified to counter every point you might make in a debate, I will simply tell you this; that I began a search for God many years ago.  And when I searched, I found what I was looking for. What I didn’t find was religion. I didn’t read historical facts in a library and reach a conclusion. I didn’t discover a pathway.  I didn’t travel to Israel.  I didn’t join a movement.  I didn’t discover an ancient artifact.

I discovered a person. 

A real person!  The person of Jesus Christ.  With unconditional love for me. With compassion for my suffering. With answers to my questions. And most of all with forgiveness for my sins and a chance to start over. And the truth is, He wasn’t there until I searched for Him.He never revealed Himself until I began looking for Him. But I found Him, and now He has given me the promise of eternity with Him, basking in that unconditional love of His.

If you don’t know everything, then you don’t know whether or not God is real. But if you seek Him you will find Him. He will let you.  Don’t seek religion.  Don’t seek a Denomination. Seek a person. A real genuine living Deity. He has promised us this…..

“Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.”‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:12-13

ALL your heart. That is key. No half hearted searches will garner a discovery.  You don’t even have to leave your house. You just need to get alone and get quiet. You must ask, seek, and knock till you get answers.

You will find Him. And when you do, you can add the knowledge and revelation of God to the things that you DO know in your circle of knowledge.

And that’s the way I see it!

Pastor Mike