A Column About Columns

Southaven, Ms

By: Mike Upchurch

I’ve been writing this weekly column for over two and a half years now. That’s 146 columns at last count that we’ve punched out. Some close friends comment now and then saying they enjoyed a particular one. There are some columns that have been shared close to 150 times in one week. I’m told we have a potential readership of several thousand. That’s good I suppose. And I’m very grateful to my editor, Charlie Hoots, for the platform he gives me each week. To be clear though, I’m not writing for the extra money. This is 100% volunteer work. And I’m not writing to be famous. 

I’m not even writing because I enjoy it. It’s like preparing a sermon each week regardless of what else is going on. And some weeks it’s pretty tasking, with my regular full time job and other commitments in ministry to fulfill, yet the deadline is always fast approaching. But I do this because I want you living for the Lord with all the strength you can muster, so that you’ll have all the reward you can carry!

But I wonder aloud sometimes if it has changed your life in any way?  Don’t worry, I’m not looking for a pat on the back.  I don’t need to hear from you the reader.  No need for your response to the website to encourage me. I write because I’m commissioned to write by the Lord. I will be obedient whether I have one reader or a thousand and will continue to write. 

But what I want to know is this; are you listening to Him and are you applying what He is saying?  I don’t write these columns on my own initiative, normally. The Holy Spirit is the author of most of what you read.  So…..are you listening to Him?  Have you drawn closer to Him?  Have you given your life to Jesus as a result if you hadn’t already done so?  Are you sacrificing so that you might have reward?  Are you a better person now?  I realize many of you are very devoted to the Lord and could more than likely teach me a lot of things about the Christian life.  But for those on the fence, are you paying attention?

If not, why not?  What will it take?  If 146 columns haven’t done it, what will?  148?  200?  What can the Lord say that will impact you?

There will be a time when I lay my pen aside. When the calling has ebbed, I’m called to another ministry, or when I’m laid to rest then you’ll have another writer in place. I just pray that when that time comes, that if you’re on the fence in terms of serving the Lord, that you’ll have jumped in with both feet.

God bless you faithful reader. And God bless those of you who share these columns. But most of all, God bless those of you who make decisions to change for the Lord!!  YOU are why we labor!  YOU are why the Lord has called me to this. You’re pretty special you know!  He’s been reaching out to YOU!  I’m not writing to the ‘choir’.  They know this stuff. No, the Lord laid the burden on Charlie Hoots and on me for YOU!  The one out of 99 who would listen and turn and repent!

We love you!  Whoever you are and wherever you are! Just keep on reading while there’s time and then apply whatever you are convicted about to your life!

Until next time…..

Pastor Mike