The Anointing

Southaven, Ms

By: Mike Upchurch

From time to time we like to revisit certain topics. We are always adding new readership that may not have seen past columns, and we also like to take a fresh approach to former topics, seeing what else the Holy Spirit might be trying to teach us. Sometimes we’re a bit thick and it takes Him a couple of tries!

What is the Anointing we hear spoken of so often in Church?  Someone might say a Preacher is anointed or has an anointing, or they might say a singer or a song is anointed. The word Anointing appears 28 times in the Old Testament and is speaking of the Lord anointing or choosing someone, such as David being anointed to be King. But that’s not the anointing we’re speaking of necessarily in this column, although it does mean one who is anointed is chosen of the Lord for service. The anointing we are writing of that can appear on a born again Christian only appears three times in the New Testament, all in the second Chapter of 1 John. That word is defined as follows in the Greek. It’s where we get our word Charisma or Charismatic…..

Pronounced khris’-mah

from 5548; an unguent or smearing, i.e. (figuratively) the special endowment (“chrism”) of the Holy Spirit:–anointing, unction.

So as you can see, it’s not a thing or a cloud or a mantle, it’s the presence of the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity. He rests on and in that person and you’re drawn to that anointing.  Whether it be a particular part of a sermon, or a song, or even a singer, for that moment that they are anointed, you are caught up in what you’re hearing and you’re captivated. You agree with it, it speaks to your soul. You want to hear it again. You want the experience it brought.  IF you have the Holy Spirit dwelling in you as well. The Holy Spirit in you syncs with them and you’re joined together to experience whatever is being spoken or sung or played. 

I could use several examples of what ministers to me.  But what may really speak to me may not be something that you equally enjoy. It must be said though, that you can tell when someone is anointed of God and when they are not. It will usually be found in how drawn you are to them. It might be a sermon that really grabs you. It might be one particular song from a singer, whereas none of the other songs from that artist appeal to you.   Let me say this though, a speaker or singer can be very polished in their delivery and be very popular, but if there’s no anointing from God you can tell, even though they may be well liked. 

It might be a song that, no matter who sings it, has an anointing. One such song would be “Breathe”, but a particularly anointed version is one by Michael W. Smith.  Listen to that version of the song on YouTube in an attitude of worship and you will feel the Lord’s presence.  

What makes that song so anointed is the fact the writer is writing about the Lord and His holiness, saying they are desperate for Him and His presence. And what makes Michael’s version so anointed is his walk with the Lord, his heart to worship, and the anointing on the musicians, in particular the violinist. 

Seek out people who are anointed of God. They will feed you that which your soul requires; and that is more of Him!  Seek out anointed music for your worship time. Seek out the anointing itself on you!  Strive for the anointing especially if you preach or sing or play. Strive for His presence and His blessing on what you’re doing.  You’re almost always going to be anointed if you walk in His presence and you do what you’re doing with a heart of worship, and you’re only speaking what He speaks. Being a parrot is a surefire way to be anointed when you’re only repeating what you hear Him speak!. Staying filled with the power of the Holy Spirit is critical if you are seeking to be anointed!  That means walking in a godly manner and laying sin aside, and it means walking in an attitude of worship!

If you are a teacher or a preacher or a singer, strive to have His presence felt by those you are in front of.  The anointing will minister to them. It will change them. And it will change you. And if you are committed to staying in the presence of the Holy Spirit, you are far less likely to make it about yourself and more about Him!  The anointing does that. It magnifies God. It exalts Jesus.  It brings conviction. And it brings life. Why?  Because it is the presence of the Holy Spirit and He IS life!! 

And that’s the way I see it! 

Pastor Mike