From Water To Wine

Southaven, Ms

By: Mike Upchurch

In the gospel of John an account is given of a miracle very familiar to us all; that of Jesus turning water into wine. Let’s review it together…..

“The next day there was a wedding celebration in the village of Cana in Galilee. Jesus’ mother was there, and Jesus and His disciples were also invited to the celebration. The wine supply ran out during the festivities, so Jesus’ mother told Him, “They have no more wine.” “Dear woman, that’s not our problem,” Jesus replied. “My time has not yet come.” But His mother told the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.” Standing nearby were six stone water jars, used for Jewish ceremonial washing. Each could hold twenty to thirty gallons. Jesus told the servants, “Fill the jars with water.” When the jars had been filled, He said, “Now dip some out, and take it to the master of ceremonies.” So the servants followed His instructions. When the master of ceremonies tasted the water that was now wine, not knowing where it had come from (though, of course, the servants knew), he called the bridegroom over. “A host always serves the best wine first,” he said. “Then, when everyone has had a lot to drink, he brings out the less expensive wine. But you have kept the best until now!” This miraculous sign at Cana in Galilee was the first time Jesus revealed His glory. And His disciples believed in Him.”‭‭John‬ ‭2:1-11‬ ‭NLT‬‬

There is a nugget of truth lying within those verses that we could skip right over if we’re not careful. 

In verse 4, Jesus told His mother Mary that, in essence, their running out of wine was not His problem and that it wasn’t time for Him to reveal Himself and begin His ministry on earth.  But then in verse 7 we notice He does, in fact, do something about their problem and does, in fact, begin His ministry ahead of time!

 So what changed?  Why did Jesus go from “Don’t bother me” to “You want wine?  I’ll show you wine, the best you’ve ever had!”

It’s simple really.  Mary told the servants “Do whatever He tells you.”  Jesus saw that His mother was depending on Him. She was at risk of being embarrassed if He did nothing. Jesus knew the Law. Jesus knew the Ten Commandments.  In particular number 5 found in verse 12 of Exodus 20…..

“Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the Lord your God is giving you.”‬‬

He simply would never dishonor His mother. It was important to Him that she be obeyed even though He was a 30 year old man at the time.  It was important that she be honored; that she ‘save face’ among her people.  It was important that she not be belittled that day among her friends.  So He not only did what His mother asked of Him, but he performed such a great Miracle that from that moment forth “His disciples believed in Him.” 

Now THAT is how you show honor to your mother!  You do something that’s still talked about 2000 years later!

On this Mother’s Day, if you still have your mother with you, honor her. Be obedient to her. Fulfill her wishes if you’re able.  Obey the Lord in this and it will be well with you!  You will live a long full life!  It’s a promise! And you’ll have a happy momma!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Pastor Mike