DeSoto County Detention Center Receives Accreditation

Hernando, Ms

Sheriff Bill Rasco and Director of Detention Services Chad Wicker have received their accreditation certificate from the American Correctional Association-(ACA). 

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department Adult Detention Center was built in 2012 and can house 572 inmates.

Auditors graded the facility on 46 mandatory compliance checks, scoring 100%; and also graded it on 106 nonmandatory compliance checks, which scored a 99.1% 

These grades go to show that Director Wicker and Sheriff Rasco are running the facility amongst the top tier of jails and prisons across the United States.

A few key points that stood out to the auditors about the DCSD Detention Center were:
-Medical Standards
-Community/Programming Support

The ACA Audit is voluntary and is done every three years. These checks and balances help to maintain a professional working atmosphere and it verifies that their inmates are treated fairly.