Robert Foster Is Running for Governor

Hernando, Miss.

By:  Arthur Randallson, Editor

State Representative Robert Foster (R-DeSoto, District 28) announced that he is running for Mississippi Governor.  In a public announcement in his Hernando hometown yesterday evening (Tuesday, December 11), Rep. Foster has entered the gubernatorial race.

Robert Foster, accompanied by his wife Heather, greeted several hundred supporters at One Memphis Street, a reception venue located just south of the Hernando Square.  Robert and Heather Foster, along with their son and daughter, live in Hernando.  They attend Hernando Baptist Church.

Foster’s campaign page on Facebook has already surpassed 13,000 likes.

With his agricultural background as a farmer, Foster could become the conservative and grassroots challenger to Tate Reeves.  Reeves has not officially entered the race, but he is reportedly making plans for a run.

Governor Phil Bryant, in his second and final term, is not eligible to run for reelection because of term limits.

Foster commented:   “I just believe Mississippi could be better.  It’s kept me up at night, praying about how I can make it better, not just for my family, but the 100+ employees who work hard on my farm.  However, lately, I’ve thought what if my job meant making life better for all Mississippians.”

Foster will appear as a candidate in the August 2019 Republican primary.  The winner of that primary will advance to the November 2019 general election.