Spreading The Christmas Sprit

DeSoto County, Ms

By: M. Davis

It’s the time of the year again with Christmas spirit all around. But, for some families, it is a stressful time when money is tight and help is needed the most.

But Southaven Alderman Charlie Hoots and local Business owner Fadi Salameh have hopes of helping out. The duo will be giving away 25 dollar gift certificates for gas and food to help ease the strain during the season.

Charlie Hoots, is a retired Channel 3 News Photographer and is currently serving the City of Southaven as the Alderman in Ward 2.

“We have a great need in the western part of the City the “Original Southaven”. I see families struggling and they just need a little help”. Hoots said.

Fadi Salameh, is the owner of two of the busiest convenience stores in DeSoto County – the Race Way on Stateline Road @ I 55 in Southaven and the Exxon on Goodman at Interstate Blvd in Horn Lake (next to Waffle House). The gift certificates can be used at these locations.

Salameh said,“It is my pleasure to help out residents of DeSoto County, many of them are my customers. It feels good to give back”.

“When Mr. Charlie came to me and asked for my support there was no way I could say no, it’s for a great cause”. Salameh added.

“Fadi Salameh is one of the best business owners we have in Southaven, he really cares about our community”
Hoots said.

When Hoots was asked why he’s doing this he said, “I just like to help people – that’s just the way I am.”

Southaven resident Debbie Magee thinks this is a wonderful idea, “Every little bit helps when you’re in need”.

“It could really lift someone’s sprits, Christ took care of those in need. I’m glad to hear they are doing it.” she said.

Hoots will be taking requests for those in need and is asking people to send him a private message on Facebook with their information.

They will help as many families as they can until the 25 Gift Certificates are all passed out.

Hoots said, “We will spread them out to families in the Western part of Southaven, Horn Lake and Twin Lakes areas – some of the areas with the most need”.

The Gift Certificates can be used at Salameh’s stores for gas or food and must be used in a single purchase.

The two say they hope it will add a little Holiday Cheer to the families they help.

Alderman Hoots can be found on Facebook at the following link. Charlie Hoots FB

Editor Note: Everyone can brighten someone’s Christmas, be the one to make them smile.