What Is God Like ?

Southaven, Ms

By: Mike Upchurch

What do you think God is like? What is your overall opinion of Him? What do you think His personality is most of the time? Well, it might surprise you to learn that He is not really like us. We can vacillate. We might change our minds. We might hurt people. We can be jealous. We can be filled with pride and be arrogant. We might want revenge. We might lie. We might be lazy at some things. And unfortunately, we assign some of those same attributes to Him because it’s all we know about us and those around us, so He must be like that as well. After all, we are ALL like that now and then, in some small way. But He is NOTHING like that. I love this scripture in Isaiah…..

“To whom then will you liken Me that I would be his equal?” says the Holy One.
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭40:25

There are many things that the Lord is not:

He is not lazy. He does not get tired.

He is not weak or sick. Ever. He doesn’t need to workout or do cardio to stay in shape. He doesn’t need sleep. He’s in perfect health in every way. Therefore He doesn’t need someone to take care of Him. Think about that. He doesn’t need us. But we desperately need Him!

He is not indecisive. He doesn’t go back and forth as we do. He doesn’t change His mind.

He is not a liar. He has never lied and is incapable of lying because He is righteously perfect and perfectly righteous. Always.

He is not forgetful. He doesn’t ever forget what He has promised. He doesn’t ever forget the wrong we’ve done. Unless of course we confess that wrong, and repent saying we’re sorry. Then it’s totally forgotten. That’s one of my favorite things about Him. That He intentionally forgets my sins and mistakes!

He is not immature. He does not sulk or pout if He doesn’t get His way.

He is not imperfect. In any way.

He is not wishy washy. His word is the standard for all the universe.

He is never weary of us and wishing He hadn’t made us. Christ took that former wrath upon Himself on the cross, and now we’re no longer in danger of being destroyed as those before the Flood were. If we surrender our will to Him and make Him Lord of our lives, we are safe from the wrath laid up for the End Time.

He is all knowing. He knows everything today that He will know tomorrow. You can’t surprise Him.

He is not disgruntled or moody. He’s never has days where He is in a bad mood and throws things. If He did we WOULD be destroyed!

He is not mad at us. But He is angry with sin, because it separates us from Him.

There’s so much more, but with all that He is not, what if He were like US instead? Can you imagine?? We would be doomed. He would have destroyed us long ago. We wouldn’t have a prayer of having a fair trial on Judgement Day if He ‘woke up’ in a bad mood or was bipolar! Be forever grateful He is not like us!

But the more important question to ask might be, “what if WE were more like HIM?” What if, when a person hurt another in marriage, the other mate immediately forgave them and completely forgot they hurt them like God does for us? Well if that were the norm, I doubt there would ever be many divorces.

What if someone became our enemy? What if we immediately went to them and apologized for anything we did wrong and showered them with grace and with gifts? Wouldn’t that be wonderful if others did that for us? Well that is who God is, and that’s what He’s done for us!

What if we kept our word? What if our word became rock solid and we always stood by it? If we had given our word to someone, either in conversation or in wedding vows or on a promissory note, we would never be late on any payments, or miss a meeting or a lunch we committed to, or break up with someone we loved, or double cross anyone and go back on our word. We would be impeccable. Sadly, that’s not us but that’s who He is; He keeps His word! That’s the wonder of who He is, and the trustworthiness of the word of the Lord to His children. If we were like God we would never lie to anyone. Ever. Or be lied to. Ever. Think of that world and how different it would be.

The truth is we aren’t anything like our Father, but we can strive to be. And He He isn’t like us. Yes, we are created in His image. But to me that simply means we have been given the ability to reason and to love others in some small degree. I believe He gave us the ability to love so that we might in our fallible, mortal, finite understanding be able to grasp the wonder of His love for us.

I am thankful that He is who the word says He is. I am grateful He is who HE says He is. He is totally and eternally trustworthy. He is perfect. He is love! After all, He created and designed the emotion of love we have in us. Only His love is far better. His love is without conditions. His love is unconditional.

I once heard this illustration of unconditional love. Lock your wife or husband and your dog in the trunk of your car for an hour. Then unlock the trunk and notice which one is happy to see you and will repeatedly kiss you! You know the answer! Our pets can help us see what unconditional love looks like. And that’s the type of love He has for us. Unconditional. Eternal. Solid. Be grateful He is like He is!

But you might say “Pastor Mike, I don’t ever see any of the attributes you describe. God seems far off, and I don’t feel that love. None of my prayers are ever answered.” Well I understand that. I felt that way years ago. But the truth is, I wasn’t in a relationship with Him, I just wanted a Santa Claus to do things for me and give me gifts. I didn’t know Him at all. This scripture described my predicament at the time…..

“Behold, the LORD’S hand is not so short that it cannot save; nor is His ear so dull that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you so that He does not hear.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭59:1-2‬

I needed to turn away from my sinful life and surrender to Him. I needed to be in a personal relationship with Him! THAT is when He became the God I know now. That is when He became my Lord rather than my Judge! That is when He began to grant me revelation of who He is. That is when His personality and attributes began to show forth. And that is when I fell in love with Him!

You must surrender. You must confess your sins. You must walk with Him daily! Then you will know Him and the wonder of who He is, and your life will never be the same thankfully!

And that’s the way I see it!

Pastor Mike