McDaniel Stops In Southaven To Rally The Troops

Southaven, Ms

Southaven businessman Robert Estes hosted a “Meet and Greet” for State Senator Chris McDaniel who is running to be your next U.S. Senator for the state of Mississippi.

McDaniel told the enthusiastic crowd of 50 to 100 DeSoto County conservatives that the time is now to “drain the swamp in Washington –
and Cindy Hyde-Smith is part of that Swamp”.

“When people find out that Cindy Hyde-Smith served 3 terms as a democrat, voted for Hillary Clinton and helps other democrats and receives most of her money from democrats, they will know that she is a Republican in name only”. McDaniel said.

Host Robert Estes agrees, “I think Cindy Hyde-Smith is like a chameleon, she changes where she stands on issues depending on the group she’s speaking to”.

You may remember back in April Republican Governor Phil Bryant appointed Cindy Hyde-Smith to temporarily fill the unexpired term of Republican
Thad Cochran, who was serving his seventh term in the U.S. Senate.

That appointment didn’t set well with long time McDaniel supporter Dawn Heuser of Olive Branch who shared “I’m very disappointed that the Governor didn’t listen to the people of the state and appoint Chris in the first place”.

In 2014, when Cochran was last elected, McDaniel actually outpolled Cochran in DeSoto County and was the leader of the primary election but was defeated by Cochran in a runoff election.

McDaniel believes his chances are good for a win this time, “I’m really the only true republican in the race, I’m running against 3 democrats and we really need someone that’s going to back President Trump’s agenda”.

He went on to say, “If people have a chance to vote for a true conservative, it motivates them to vote”.

Some are concerned Hyde-Smith and McDaniel could split the Republican vote down the middle and give democrats a chance in making it to a runoff and a possible win unless republicans turn out to vote.

McDaniel wants to remind voters that there is a lot of money being spent by special interest groups on Hyde-Smith but that comes with a price. They will expect something in return. All those TV ads cost big money and require the promise of big favors.

President Trump is making a campaign stop in Southaven next Tuesday night to urge voters to support Hyde-Smith but McDaniel says he’s the better fit for the Trump agenda. He is encouraging his supporters to attend the Trump rally and wear their McDaniel shirts to show the president how big his support is here in North Mississippi. McDaniel stressed that most who attend the rally will be there to support President Trump and not really about showing support for either candidate.

McDaniel wants to remind former Tea Party and “True Conservative” voters that their votes are needed and he’s counting on them to once again turn out in big numbers and vote for the man who represents their same values. They need to call their friends and have them call their friends and remind them to get out and vote.

“If you want term limits, if you want someone who is looking out for the best interest of the people of Mississippi and will support Trump’s agenda then I’m the candidate.”

“I will get the job done”.

Hauser agrees, “We have a second chance to get a true conservative in office that will look out for the people”.

The Nov. 6 special election will not have party primaries.

If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote, a runoff between the top two will be held Nov. 27.