Mississippi Lottery One Step Closer To Reality

Jackson, Ms

The Senate today in their special session passed a bill that would establish a state-sponsored lottery by a vote of 30 to 20.

The vote brings Mississippi one step closer to permitting the game chance.

Mississippi is one of six states without a lottery, and residents often purchase tickets across the state line in Tennessee.

Some have said they believe the lottery could bring in as much as 40 million in its first year.

As preposed the proceeds would be limited to state highway funding for the first ten years.

In 2018 the funds would start going to the state general fund which could then be used for public education.

The act creates the Mississippi Lottery Corp. which will be charged with running the lottery.

The group will be excluded from the state’s public records law.

The corporation’s president will report to a five member board appointed by the governor, and appointees will serve five-year staggered terms.

The bill now goes to the House and may be voted on Friday.