Southaven SWAT Team Rattle Some Windows But Make The Arrest

Southaven, Ms

All is quiet on Ashland Drive in the Colonial Hills subdivision today but last night was a different story.

Last night around 10:30 the street was filled with members of the Southaven Police Department’s Narcotics Unit and SWAT team.

The focus of the activity was in the 2200 block of Ashland Drive.

Police had to force entry into the home to serve a search warrant when the owner would not answer the door.

“We had to use a distraction device and breach the door to gain entry”, said Steve Pirtle, Chief of the Southaven
Police Department, “I’m sure residents probably heard that as a loud bang”. Neighbors in the area also reported their window’s rattling.

Pirtle could give few details as the case is still under investigation.

But residents are happy to see police taking such a pro-active approach when it comes to crime in the area.

“We have a good neighborhood here and I’m so glad to see police are putting a stop to the crime”, said one

neighbor who didn’t want to be identified.

The home owner was arrested but has not been identified.

Pirtle added as a warning, “if you’re going to break the law – we are going to come get you, it’s just a matter of time”.