Southaven Police Have Armed Robber In Custody

Southaven, Ms

By: Charlie Hoots

Mark it up as “One for the Good Guys”.

Southaven Police boxed in an escaping robber as he tried to make his getaway.

Police were responding to two separate armed robberies in the North Creek subdivision Wednesday around 2 p.m. when they observed a white Sentra with a black male that met the description of the robbery suspect.

Officers stopped the car on North Creek Blvd and Sweet Flag Loop when they boxed the vechicle in with three patrol cars.

Police took the unidentified suspect into custody and recovered the items taken from the victims along with the black pistol the robber used.

Police are still investigating but believe this is one of the cases that involve agreeing to purchase an item and then they rob the seller when they meet.

Both victims were robbed at gunpoint but were not injured.

Suspect was transported to the DeSoto County Jail.