A Pastors Perspective,Have You Surrendered?


By: Mike Upchurch

Have you surrendered?

I have a question for those to whom it may apply…..

“What is keeping you from surrendering your life completely to the Lord?”

If you’re half-hearted in your walk, what is the reason? Are you afraid you’ll have to give up some things you really enjoy? Things others might consider sin? Are you reluctant to go all-in because you fear He will reject you? Are you on the fence because you doubt that He loves you? Do you fear that others will mock you or reject you, and that you’ll lose friends? Have you put it off because you don’t want the drudgery of looking for a Church because there are so many different choices? Are you afraid you’ll have to be a Pastor or a Missionary if you sell out to Him?

Let me assure you based on personal experience; none of your fears are well founded, nor are they based on any facts concerning the Lord. He doesn’t feel about you as you think He might. As I’ve said, so many times before, He is not mad at you. He knows you. And He knows what you’ll do tomorrow. Yet, still He loves you.

He will not demand anything of you if you surrender. He will simply overpower your life with grace and love, which will ultimately bring about repentance, along with a burning desire to please Him!

He is never going to reject you. He will never mock you or make fun of you. He won’t ask you to change. He created you as you are. Why would He demand you alter His design?

But He will instruct you. He will teach you what is important to Him. He will build a relationship with you. He will present you with truth. In that truth, you’ll learn how to please Him and that will result in a very satisfying and peaceful life. You will learn to pillow your head at night feeling content. You will learn to love those who aren’t so lovable, including yourself. You will feel more confident. You will have less fear. You will have answers. All of this will be available to you when you surrender.

So I will ask you again….what is keeping you from surrendering your life completely to the Lord?

Did you ever play the “Trust” game with your kids, or perhaps your Parents played it with you? The game where you stand facing away from Mom or Dad, hands at your side, and you then fall backwards into their arms, confident they will catch you?

Well, trust HIM like that today. Fall freely into His arms. Fall without fear. He will catch you! And you will fall completely in love with Him. You will never regret your decision and you will never be the same. You will, however, feel ashamed that it took you so long when you finally do sell out to Him, and then discover the wonder of who He is!

Oh, and incidentally, you can’t get in to Heaven without that submissive relationship with Him. Look at John 10:27…..

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand.”

There isn’t another way to enter Eternal Life in Paradise. Only through Jesus, and only through a trusting relationship with Him. So don’t delay, please completely surrender today! You will never be sorry you did!

And that’s the way I see it!

Pastor Mike