Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit Holders May Get The Right To Sue


Mississippi residents with an Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit for a gun could sue local governments for forbidding them to carry their firearm on Universities, Schools and other government properties. The intent of the permit is to allow responsible gun owners the right to carry guns almost anywhere on government property.

The law was passed back in 2011 allowing “enhanced concealed carry permit” for gun owners after completing a training course.

The House of Representatives took that first step Wednesday when they approved House Bill 1083 and the Bill has now been sent to the Senate for more debate.

House Judiciary B Committee Chairman Andy Gipson says the measure creates a process to challenge bans. The permit, for example, allows people to carry guns in hallways of courthouses. Some Judges and county supervisors, have largely retained absolute bans on guns in courthouses.

The Attorney General’s office would be required to investigate complaints and, if the agency didn’t stop violating the law, a person could then sue.