A Pastors Perspective, What do you worship?


By: Mike Upchurch

What do you worship?

I continue to see a Bumper Sticker in my neighborhood that reads “Nature is my Church”, and I’m always struck with wonder. I assume, based on other telltale stickers on the vehicle, that the owner is a agnostic liberal and an environmentalist.

Now the purpose of the Church is manifold, but most exist to provide a place of worship. They allow us to fellowship with like minded folks; they teach us God’s commands through bible study; they allow us opportunities to serve Him, and they should be equipping us to be victorious in our Christian walk. That said, I ponder having the following conversation with the owner of said sticker….

“Love your sticker! That’s cute, really! How very green of you! Apparently from your stickers display, you don’t really believe in God, but we all have a “designed-in” need to worship something. That said, when you’re in your Nature Church, you worship what, trees perhaps? Or do you worship particular animals of the forest? Or maybe you sing songs to creeks or lakes? And because that is your Church, you must tithe to Nature I suppose, right? You probably tithe to Environmental Groups. That is very trendy!
And certainly since Nature is your Church, you have a Savior in the woods, right? I’m sure you’re aware that your sins must be forgiven before you can enter Heaven, so who is it in Nature exactly that will forgive you of your sins? An endangered Species? A black bear, or a cuddly chipmunk perhaps? Surely they can wash you clean of your sins and allow you into Heaven?”

“And when a Family Member is sick you pray to whom in Nature? Who in Nature can heal your loved one? No, I’m not talking about herbal remedies. I mean who can give you a miracle brought about by prayer in Nature?”

“And while we’re on the subject, let me ask you this Mr. or Mrs. I’m saving the planet….when you stand before the Great White Throne at the end of your life, and God asks you why you should be granted eternal life and allow you to live with Him, who is it exactly that will represent you and argue your case? A great horned owl?
The truth is there is only One person that can defend you at the Trial of your life’s work; His name is Jesus!”

Now I believe in being a good steward of the planet, and I love being outdoors, enjoying God’s creation, and I do that quite often. But if you’re an environmentalist, don’t blow it just worshipping creation. Worship the Creator. Worship the One whose infinite power and wondrous mind created all that you adore! Don’t think that spending your time, energy, and wealth saving an endangered planet
will grant you eternal life….you need a real Savior!!! His name is JESUS!!!!! Worship HIM while you’re enjoying Nature. After all, He created it!

And that’s the way I see it!

Pastor Mike