Black Bag Bandit Caught In Hernando


Ronald Bargery better known as the “Black Bag Bandit” is in jail after Police say he broke into vending machines at hotels and motels in Mississippi and Tennessee.

Earlier this week, security cameras Super Eight Motel in Hernando, Miss. caught Bargery getting out of a car with his trademark black bag.

A few minutes later Bargery is seen putting duct tape over two security cameras.

Police say he smashed into two vending machines and was about to leave with the stolen goods when the motel manager confronted him.

Police say the managet recognized Bargery as the same man who broke into his vending machines a year ago.

That manager held Bargery until Hernando police could get there.

Bargery was wanted for breaking and entering vending machines in Southaven, Horn Lake, Millington, Holly Springs
and Shelby County.

Ronald Bargery aka the “Black Bag Bandit” has been charged with burglary, possession of burglary tools, malicious mischief, and larceny.