Santa On Springfield Cove Needs You


By Charlie Hoots

For over 3 decades children have lined up to see the Santa on Springfield Cove.

Over the years he has been referred to as the original Southaven Santa.

But this year the jolly old elf needs some help.

Mike Myrick has filled the shoes of old Saint Nick for many years, but due to illness he will not be able
to fulfill his duties greeting those smiling faces this season.

Organizers Sandy Hoots and her sister Debbie Magee have put together the Christmas on Springfield
Cove event in the Colonial Hills Neighborhood for 34 years.

Debbie Magee, Mike Myrick and his wife Sharon and Sandy Hoots

The two are worried about disappointing all those children and parents that look forward to seeing

“We have parents bringing their children now to see Santa because they came as kids.”
“It’s nice to see them grown up with families now.“ Magee added.

Christmas on Springfield Cove needs your help this year.

They are needing fill-in Santas to keep those children smiling.

“We need one – or several – jolly old fellows to fill Santas shoes this Christmas. We already have one
volunteer to take two of the dates but we need more to make it happen” said Magee.

Santa is visiting the kids in his little red house every Friday and Saturday night starting the weekend after Thanksgiving and continues up to the weekend before Christmas.

“We don’t want to have to cancel Santa but if no one comes forward we might just have to do that” Hoots said, with tears in her eyes.

If anyone wants to be part of this long standing tradition but can’t be a Santa you can help too. They also need help with repairs with the Santa house and other decorations if you’re handy with a paintbrush or a hammer.

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