A Pastors Perspective,Some Things You Need To Know


Some things you need to know

All that you know is what you know. But that’s all you know. Think about that. You can’t know something you don’t know.

But you can now know this….

God loves you deeply as your Father and your Creator. However, He can’t fellowship with sin. He is holy and cannot even look upon our sin. You must also know that sin ultimately has a penalty and it is death and eternal separation from the Father because sin can NOT enter Heaven. Not every good person who dies goes to Heaven, but only those who’s penalty has been paid. Someone must pay that penalty for your sins. Either you or someone in your place must serve the sentence of death and separation. Unfortunately, there isn’t currently another human on earth who can stand in for you and take your punishment. They will instead be punished for their own sins and you will still need to pay the penalty yourself.

There is however something else you must know. There was indeed a person who was without any sin while here on earth; the only one who could take the punishment for your sins rather than being punished for His own sin.


No other Spiritual Leader. Just Jesus. Plain and simple.

He was the ONLY one for several reasons and this is what you must know….

1. He wasn’t born into sin as we were, falling under the curse of Adam. He was born through a virgin birth without an earthly Father, thus escaping the curse by having pure blood. Science has documented we get two blood types at birth, one from our Mother and one from our Father, but Jesus only got one parental blood type at birth….Mary’s….the other type He received was pure and came from the Holy Spirit.

2. He did not sin while on earth. He lived a sinless life and therefore wouldn’t be punished for His sins, but rather could take your punishment upon Himself, which He did on the Cross.

3. He had been given authority over death by His Father, and rose from the dead on His own power! Jesus raised people from the dead during His ministry on Earth (Matt 9:24,25 Luke 7:13-15 John 11:43,44). He could only do this because He’d been given authority over death allowing Him to raise Himself from the dead as well (John 10:17,18).
Because He now lives, we can rise from the dead also and live forever with Him.

It is indeed great news that Jesus’ death on the cross paid the death sentence awaiting all of us, once and for all. But there’s something you must do….

If I give you a gift, it’s not really your gift until you receive it and possess it for your very own. If you leave it wrapped up and never open it, you’ll never have use of it or the benefit of it. It’s the same with Jesus’ gift of eternal life offered to you; it’s of no benefit to you and is not activated until you accept it and possess it for your very own. You must accept the fact that Jesus willingly gave His life on the Cross personally for you, then receive His gift of forgiveness by surrendering your life to Him, living for Him.

Then and only then, can God fellowship with you as a friend, your BEST friend, because you’ll have the righteousness of Christ covering your sins, and the penalty of death will have already been paid in full. And you will live forever in eternity with Him! Whoo Hoo!!

And now you know the things you need to know. And that’s the way I see it!

Pastor Mike