Dennis Turner Takes A Closer Look At The Chambers Murder Trial


One could hope, that whatever verdict the jury returns in the Quentin
Tellis trial for the murder of Jessica Chambers of Courtland, everyone
could accept it.

After all, this case has become one of the most throroughly investigated
cases I’ve seen in north Mississippi in a long time.

Investigators spent years chasing leads, and building a case in the
horrible burning death.

In the 2014 murder, authorities found the 19-year-old found burned over
90 percent of her body, walking down a Panola County road.

It seemed as if almost everyone in Panola County offered their
assistance in solving this shocking case.

Four separate times, District Attorney John Champion thought he had a
solid case, only to see leads crumble as far away as Tennessee, Iowa and
east Mississippi.

Then investigators started looking at cell phone records and other data.

Tellis, an early suspect, came up again… showing him with Jessica for
a good part of the day she died.

By that time, Tellis had moved to Louisiana… but fate would intervene
again… as police there suspected him in the horrific torture death of
a 34 year old University of Louisiana student.

This case has only one hitch.

A first responder says Jessica claimed someone named “Eric” set her on

Then again… he says she could hardly speak.

Defense attorneys continue stressing that as a sticking point.
To avoid problems with the national publicity Chambers’ murder received,
the court chose its jury all the way in Pike County.

So those jurors seven men and five women, six black, six white, should
bring fresh eyes to this troubling case.

One would hope everyone could accept their verdict, as an honest product
of American Justice.