Man Robbed At Gun Point On Greenbrook Parkway

Southaven, Ms.

Southaven police are looking for a trio who followed a man home from the store and robbed him at gunpoint in his driveway.

This happened in broad daylight on busy Greenbrook parkway on Thursday.

Police said the victim had walked to Dollar General on Stateline Road near Greenbrook Parkway close to his home.

The victim said he was aproched by two strangers and they were asking him for money.

“While he was trying to see if he had any change for them, one of them tried to reach into his other pocket,” said Southaven Lt. Mark Little

Little said the man got uncomfortable, and walked into the store until he thought the coast was clear.

He eventually walked home from the store and thats when he noticed a silver car pull up behind him.

“The two individuals who confronted him at the store were in the car,” said Little.

And a woman was in the driver’s seat.

Moments later, one of the men armed with a gun demanded the victim’s wallet.

The suspects got away before police got to the scene.

“A tag number was obtained and we will follow up with that and see who the car belongs to
and get with that owner and find out who was in the car,” said Little.

Police said they’re also checking security footage at the Dollar General. It’s possible the suspects went into the store at some point.

Contact Southaven Police if you have any information on this robbery. 662-393-0228