Closer Look At Citizen Authored Legislation


By, Steve Hopkins

Citizen Authored Legislation.

Did you know you could author legislation as a citizen? That’s right all you would have to do is find a legislator who would agree to sponsor your bill.
Recently an up and coming young star of the Republican Party contacted me about this very thing. Olivia Heuser is a student at Ole Miss who is serving as a student body Senator and she had an excellent proposal for a bill. Olivia found a bill that was passed into law in Texas and asked about the viability of introducing similar legislation in Mississippi. My first thought was Thank You Lord for young involved adults like Olivia.
So if a citizen has an idea about some good legislation the first step would be to contact a legislator who shares their political beliefs and ask them to introduce a bill on their behalf in the legislature. My suggestion would be to first do some research and try and find similar legislation that has been introduced in other states then make changes or additions to the bill that you believe needs to be in it and present it to the legislator that has agreed to work with you.
Once a bill has been introduced the real work begins. At this point you as the citizen author should take it upon yourself to contact as many legislators as possible to try and get support for your bill. Where do you start? Start with the chairman of the committee that your bill has been assigned to and ask that your bill be brought up in committee for consideration? Why is this necessary aren’t all bills brought up in committee for consideration? No! A bill can die simply by the chairman deciding not to bring it before the committee for consideration. After a chairman has agreed to bring a bill up in committee you should contact all of the members of the committee and try and get them to support your bill.

Out of committee and onto the floor, now is the time to lobby the entire House where the bill is on the floor for consideration. How can this be done? Where do I get all these email addresses? One source is the Mississippi Legislature website. Also if you are contacting either the Representatives, the Senators or both you can email all of us using the following ; and .
We The People means all of us and all of us should be involved in the process. I am always happy to talk to people about the legislative process and would be happy to help those wanting to get involved. In closing please continue to pray for Texas and all those who are there helping.
God Bless!