Hi-Speed Internet Coming To Rural Parts Of The County


By: Charlie Hoots

Folks in rural parts of Desoto County have been waiting for hi-speed internet for years. But with an announcement this morning, AT&T plans to change all of that.

“We have committed to deploy hi-speed service to 133,000 locations across Mississippi” says, Mayo Flynt, President of AT&T.

This is all part of the Federal Communication Commission’s Connect America program to bring broadband service to

rural America.

Internet providers say government assistance is the only way they can afford to expand into areas that don’t have enough

homes or businesses to cover the cost.

The new service works like mobile WIFI on your phone – the towers will transmit a signal to a receiver at your home and it connects to a WIFI receiver to provide an internet connection.

County Supervisor Lee Caldwell has lead the charge for the last 5 or 6 years to get coverage for those folks in unserved areas.

“High speed internet is as important as the road in front of your house, and we just had poor coverage or no coverage out in

the Western part of the county” Caldwell said, adding “Our County has been like Swiss cheese with just holes in it for lack of high speed internet, and this is going to help patch the holes.”

Simon Dean has been waiting all that time and he couldn’t be happier. “It just takes a while to get it done, I’m glad it’s coming, I will be glad to get it. I didn’t know if I would live to see it but its on the way”.

And the price is not that bad according to AT&T.

“Month to month its 70 dollars and if you sign a contract for a year it’s 60 dollars, and if you bundle it with tv or mobile service, it’s 50 dollars a month”.

The service is up and running and residents within the service area will be getting information in the mail soon.