A Pastors Perspective


God knows

A very good friend stopped by my office last week. Hadn’t seen him in a while and it was great to spend a few minutes with him. After we got the necessary hugs and catching up out of the way, he took on a more serious note. He was always in a good mood, so I knew something was up when he shook his head dejectedly and said “Man, you’re the guy I’ve been needing to talk with”.

He then proceeded to explain that he was changing fields and had been praying for a new job, and had been praying that God would open doors for him. Well, the Lord did indeed open a door, and it resulted in an interview and a great opportunity with a really well paying Company. He was convinced that God had set this interview up for him and he just knew the job was his.

However, upon arriving at the interview and after discussing the opportunity with their HR man, he was shocked to learn the job had stipulations and requirements he didn’t feel he could meet, and he then had to turn the offer down!
Convinced he had heard from God as to the interview, he then proceeded to beat himself up rather harshly for having failed Him. The Lord had answered his prayer and had opened a door for him, and he refused to go through that door! His facial expression as he recounted this was one of torture. Self inflicted torture, because he had disappointed God, and didn’t honestly think God would give him another chance. His lament was real, and he asked me what he could do to make it right. Would God forgive him, and would He ever give my friend another chance?

At this point I could no longer contain my smiling at his plight, because I knew this was going to be an easy counselling session after all. For you see, my friend had forgotten an elemental truth about our Father. It is simply this;

Our God knows everything today that He will know tomorrow.

He is all knowing. He knows the beginning AND the end. If that weren’t so He wouldn’t be God. And the fact that He already knows everything means that He cannot be surprised. He can’t be disappointed. He can’t be angry at our choices, because He knew we would make them. So, in the case of my friend, our Father already knew He would decline the offer, and had already forgiven Him, and more than likely already opened even more doors, because that’s who He is; a faithful God who is on our side and wants us to win!

You will never surprise God by doing the things you do. And He will never give up on you if you fail at times. He created you! He knows your moods. He knows your likes; your dislikes; your faith; and your lack of faith. He is cheering for you! He is already plotting ways to help you recover when you do fail.

Never forget that when Jesus went to the Cross, He took the wrath of God upon Himself for the failures and mistakes we would make. He took our sins, all of them, and took the punishment for those sins with His own death!

God is not angry with you; Jesus took care of that. God is not disgusted with you; Jesus took care of that. God has not decided to stop helping you when you fail; Jesus took care of that!

Understand this truth; you are righteous in God’s eyes because of Jesus. He is not upset with you. In fact, He is pleased with you! All because of Jesus! Now get out there and enjoy your life, knowing you have His mercy and His grace and His forgiveness!

And that’s the way I see it!

Pastor Mike