Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Southaven, MS

By: Steve Dodd

Several Santas will be coming to town to attend a weekend training class.

The International University of Santa Claus (IUSC), also known as School4Santas, is holding a two-day seminar Saturday, July 29 and Sunday July 30 at the Hampton Inn in Southaven. Approximately 21 local Santas and 4 Mrs. Clauses will attend.

School4Santas has been seen and featured on NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the Travel Channel, the History Channel, in over a dozen documentaries and featured in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and over 200 other news articles, radio and television news stories.

The IUSC was founded by Santa Tim Connaghan and so far, has trained around 3,500 professional and volunteer Santas and those who were just interested in what it takes to become Santa. School4Santas was the first to travel across the country holding classes in various cities. Santa Tim has also travelled internationally taking the training to Santas in several countries.
Each class consists of 16 hours of training using a 236-page course manual called “Behind the Red Suit.” Some of the topics covered include the history of Santa Claus, the basics of being Santa, how to effectively talk with children, perfecting your image as Santa, what is needed to successfully run a Santa business and many other topics.

Each attendee receives a diploma from the school. First time attendees receive a Bachelor Degree in Santa Clausology. Those attending the school for a second time will receive a Masters Degree and if attending more than two, the Advanced Masters Degree will be obtained. The highest level is the Doctorate of Santa Clausology. To be awarded this, the student must have earned the Advanced Masters certificate and give a presentation during one of the classes. Each student is automatically entered into the “Red Suit Society.”

Don’t be surprised if you see several people dressed in their Santa casual attire this weekend. Rumor has it that they may be dining at a 50 year old Southaven restaurant Saturday night. After you finish your dinner there, feel free to say “hello” and have a selfie made with one or all of them.