Think About It ” Hugh Freeze”


By: Dennis Turner

The news about Ole Miss head football coach Hugh Freeze came like a hard

USA Today reported a “concerning pattern” of phone calls led the
university to give the Senatobia native and former Briarcrest High coach
an ultimatum… resign or we exercise a morals clause in your contract
and fire you.

Ironically this call came to light during the investigation into the
lawsuit filed by former coach Houston Nutt against the University over
his own firing.

That led to a closer examination into calls made on Freeze’s
university-issued phone… and his resignation.

The number in question reportedly led to an escort service…. and
sources at Ole Miss reportedly said the pattern dated back to his hiring
in 2012.

The twisted entanglement of Freeze, Nutt and others, including Athletic
Director Russ Bjork, gets laid out in Nutt’s lawsuit in which he claims
the other men launched a smear campaign to blame NCAA violations on him,
after the fact.

Could these developments constitute payback? Could be.

Seems as if college football OFF the field… gets as rough as what goes
on inside Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium on any fall Saturday.