Police Shoot Out Tire of Fleeing Suspect


Shots rang out this morning at the Burlington Coat Factory on Statelline Road.

Police say they had been looking for a burglary suspect for the last few days and his car was located this morning at the Southaven store.

The suspect is identified as Joshua Jerome Nehring, 42 years old from Southaven.

Police were on the lot when Nehring exited the store and when he saw the officers and ran to his vehicle despite several commands to stop.

Officers gave chase and Nehring jumped in the driver’s seat and cranked the vehicle and began to drive off with one officer holding on to the driver’s side door.

A officer observed these events and shot out the right rear tire of the vehicle to disable it so he could not drive off and injure the officer.

This all stems from a burglary that happened on Monday June 26, 2017, at a house in the 300 block of Blair Drive.

That burglary occurred around 2 p.m. and the home owner was at home.

Investigators were able to identify Nehring as the suspect.

Both Southaven Police and Memphis Police had been working on similar cases involving Nehring for sometime.

Police were able to take Nehring into custody without further events and no one was injured.

He is charged with Burglary and other charges from today are pending.