Greg Davis Think About It


By: Dennis Turner

A Lafayette County jury acquitted former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis of on embezzlement and fraud charges.
Let us HOPE, this brings an end to a long-running story that changed a city, forever… damaged people and careers, and made sensational headlines.
The two day trial brought out a couple of interesting facts.
First, prosecutors say they put on the same case that won them a conviction in DeSoto County, before an appeals court threw out the verdict, saying Davis deserved a change of venue due to intense publicity
and let’s face it, the publicity WAS intense… some even say, overdone.
Regardless, those same facts led to a different outcome this time, probably because the star witness in the case, former City Clerk Sheila Heath had passed away.
Without her to rebut the Mayor’s testimony, jurors only had both their explanations, without any cross-examination.
But the trial also highlighted the way Mayor Davis approached his job.
When sanitation workers walked off the job, he hopped on a truck.
When storms passed through, he helped cut and clear downed trees.
When streets flooded, he joined public works and the fire department in helping with evacuations.
As he told prosecutors, “not many Mayors pick up dead animals off the road”.
Davis also says he’s settled up with both Southaven and the State of Mississippi in terms of restitution.
He says he’ll take former Memphis Mayor, Dr. Willie Herenton’s advice, when it comes to his public image…. and, quote, “shake off the haters”.
This case should remind us of the responsibility our leaders have to represent us honestly, and our responsibility to elect people who will do that.
Let’s hope we can ALL move on, now.