Battle Of The Badge


By: Charlie Hoots

It all started with words between the Walls’ police and fire chief. But the battle was on.

It all played out in the parking lot of the city’s fire department recently.

Blood was going everywhere and the field of fighters was growing.

It’s the Battle of the Badges, a blood drive to help folks all over Mississippi. It’s a chance for the police and fire departments to prove who has a bigger following.

“The fire department is going to win this because we are the good guys”. Fire chief Mike Hancock said.

But Police chief Herb Brewer disagrees.
“We are here to protect and serve and we do a really good job at it”.

But the battle wasn’t without a little smack talk. Brewer added, “They are a great organization but they sit around a lot”.

But chief Hancock says his men will out shine his competition by the end of the day.
“Our job is to help people in their time of need and the police have a totally different function, and they have to enforce the law”.

The Battle was sponsored by Mississippi Blood Services out of Jackson Mississippi. They are having these challenges all over the state.

The winner gets a trophy and everyone that donates gets a tee shirt.

We are trying to do our duty to help all we can, Chief Brewer said.

At the end of the day it was too close to call a winner but both chiefs agreed, “we all are the winners”.