Think About It “Greg Davis”


The felony fraud re-trial of former Mississippi State Representative and Southaven Mayor Greg Davis will soon get underway in Oxford.
Hopefully it will end a sad saga that ended a political career, and changed Southaven forever.
First, you may ask, why a re-trial?
Well, Davis never got the change of venue he sought to move his first trial out of DeSoto County… and an appeals court called that, “a mistake”, so it threw out his conviction and ordered the re-trial.
District Attorney John Champion might have dropped the case, but he didn’t, and quite frankly he shouldn’t have.
This entire case turns on public trust of public officials and not taking this case to it’s logical conclusion would not have served justice or the people.
Now, a jury in Oxford will hear the case. Close enough to DeSoto County for potential jurors to have heard about Davis’ fall from grace… but hopefully far enough for them to render a fair verdict, without any pre-concieved notions.
THIS case, involves Davis’ purchase of a city-owned vehicle, and getting reimbursement for mileage charged to a city credit card.
It does NOT involve the civil case, brought by Mississippi Auditor Stacy Pickering, for mis-spending while in office.
In that case, Davis has repaid about 96-thousand of the 170 thousand dollars Pickering demanded.

What makes the case, outside the courtroom difficult for some, is the many accomplishments Davis made during his years in office. You can’t deny the progress Southaven saw under his leadership.
But this case won’t get decided on THOSE facts.
Let us hope, that the Oxford trial closes the book on the Davis saga… to give us all peace… and a chance to move on… while remembering the important lesson here.
We elect our leaders to serve us, and work in our interest.
Think about it.