The Way I See It, A Pastor’s Perspective


How big is your God?

This is a question I like to ask when trying to assess the level or depth of someone’s relationship with God. And it is a question I ask you now. Your response might be more telling than you might think.

So how big IS your God?

More importantly, how big is God in your life?

Though it might seem a rather shallow question to ask, the answer can be revealing. How big IS your God? Is He big enough to deliver you from your problems? Is He big enough to heal your body of sickness? Is He big enough to fight for you when you’re attacked? Is He big enough to lead you to a better job; help you in managing your money; straighten out any wayward children; feed you when you’re broke?

Or is your God unable to do much for you at all? Is He hard of hearing perhaps? Is He old and feeble? Is He broke or sickly or helpless when you’re in trouble? Or worse, does He just not care?

To be fair, many people I talk with are aware that God is big enough to do things for them. The problem doesn’t seem to be their ability to believe He CAN, but rather to believe that He WILL, especially when they need Him most.

If you don’t believe God is wanting to help you, and wanting to deliver you, and wanting to care for you, then your God is of no use to you really, and isn’t very big in your life at all.

If, on the other hand, you’re convinced that God loves you deeply, and is on your side, and wants to hang out with you, and has a desire to help you take care of your problems, then you have a HUGE God who is your strong tower, your champion, your refuge, and is big enough to help you handle every thing in your life!

My God is that big! Nothing is impossible for Him! He is in the smallest of details. He is orchestrating things behind the scenes on a constant basis, to make sure I have the wisdom and knowledge I need to get through my life’s struggles.

And here’s the secret to your being able to believe that for your life as well….to have the knowledge that His love for you is not based on how loveable you are, but on His ability to love!

I’ll state it again; it’s not that you are very loveable, it’s that HE IS FULL OF LOVE!

If you have children, you don’t love them because they’re good; you love them because you have the God given ability to love them regardless of their behavior! It’s the same with God, only magnified a thousand times! You are loved! He wants to help you! He wants to heal you! He wants to provide for you! He desires that you walk with Him and have enough faith to believe He will be there for you. No it’s not always a grand life without trouble, but it can be a very satisfying life when you walk hand in hand with Him! You are loved by a big God who has the power and the desire to help you!

Now get out there and face your fears, fully confident you have a big God standing beside you, and One who is ready to step in and help you fix everything that is broken!
And that’s the way I see it!

Pastor Mike