Were You Ready


Dennis Turner

The weekend storms left as many as 200-thousand people without power at
one point… in what some call the worst disaster to hit the mid-south
since “hurricane Elvis” in 2003 and the ice storm of 1994.
I lived through both of those, and remember the hardship they caused.
But it points out something important.
Weather Mayor Sam Rikard and other environmental experts have said for
years, we need to stay prepared for disasters like this at all times.
Have a plan… have at least minimal supplies… and know what you’d do
if a severe weather event left you without power for as long as a week.

In Florida, experts at the National Hurricane Center used to tell people
to get prepared, during the summer months, to be able to take care of
themselves for a minimum of three days… with water, canned food… and
other vital life items. Plans like that, save lives.
So too, do plans for what you’d do or where you’d take cover in a storm.
Would you meet up with friends or family with power in the aftermath of
a bad storm? Start laying the groundwork for that now.
Know what you’d do… where you’d take cover… and how you’d recover…
and it might not seem like such a disaster.