The Way I See It, A Pastor’s Perspective


The Top Ten Reasons why you should become a Christian

10. You learn Hell is really a place of torment, and all those parties you were planning on attending with your buds aren’t going to happen after all, so you miss out on nothing!

9. You also learn that all those ‘fun’ things you thought you’d have to give up doing are amazingly things you don’t even want to do anymore (and can’t believe you did).

8. You can now pillow your head at night in peace instead of being stressed and filled with worry. And you don’t wake up on Sunday Morning feeling like a Semi dragged you across a freshly plowed field with some of the dirt still in your mouth!

7. You actually look forward to going to Church, and it’s not even a wedding!

6. Your frequent words of slang; you know, the ones you wouldn’t say around your Grandmother, and the one you’d quickly apologize for around ‘Christians’, don’t even flow naturally from you anymore.

5. You seem to look better to your friends! You’re not all wrinkly and contorted or angry in your facial expressions anymore. You look happy!

4. You get in on this tithing kick at Church and you suddenly find you have a little extra money now and then, and your bills aren’t so overwhelming!

3. You keep some old friends, but you make a lot of new ones, and now you’ve suddenly become popular with people that used to avoid you!

2. You find your music station presets have changed, and even though you still play your sound system rather loud, other people actually nod in approval at stop lights.

And the number one reason you should become a Christian?

1. You’ll become that person you always wanted to be, (Jesus is Lord of making dreams happen!) and your life is now filled with Love indescribable!!

And that’s the way I see it!

Michael Upchurch
Chaplain, Team RFC®
Racers For Christ®