Horn Lake Neighborhood Organizing A Neighborhood Watch

Horn Lake, MS

About 50 residents from the Twin Lakes subdivision met Saturday at Twin Lake Baptist Church to organize a neighborhood watch in their area.

Twin Lakes is a community of about 1,000 homes near Hwy 301 and Nail Rd in Horn Lake.

The crowd listened to Horn Lake police Lt. Scott Brown explain the importance of neighborhood watch groups.

“For a neighborhood watch to work, you have to Care about your neighbors”. He said.

Twin Lakes is not unlike many neighborhoods in DeSoto County.
They have already had 6 home and 3 auto burglaries in just the first few months of this year.

That’s was enough to get resident Brad Clinkenbeard involved.

He said “It’s my neighborhood, my grandparents lived here. It’s my home.”

Clinkenbeard said, “I have lived here most of my 42 years of life. I’m not going to move anywhere, We need to take back our neighborhood”.

Lt. Brown told the group they need to be aware of their soundings and look for anything that seems out of place. Whether it’s cars in a drive-way, or someone walking around your street, nothing is too small.

“We, the police, love your calls. It makes our job easier” he said.

Lt. Brown reminded the residents to be sure to write down descriptions of the suspect including what they were wearing or driving. Trying to remember details later will be harder than you think. Most prove will forget a lot when they are excited.

Mayor Allen Latimer told the group that Horn Lake is the sixth safest city in the state. “Our police department is here to serve you.” he said.

Clinkenbeard said, “The police can’t be everywhere. We need to help by being their eyes”.

“The bottom line is our neighbors love our neighborhood and want it safe.” Clinkenbeard added.