City Of Biloxi Takes Down State Flag


If you have plans to travel to Biloxi this summer you won’t see the Mississippi state flag flying at places you expect.

Biloxi Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gillich has ordered the state flag pulled from display at all municipal buildings.

The Mississippi flag was being removed Monday as the state celebrated Confederate Memorial Day.

Although state government offices and some county offices were closed for the holiday, those in Biloxi remained open.

Mississippi is the last state with a flag that includes the Confederate battle emblem — a red field topped by a blue tilted cross with 13 white stars.

The state has used the same flag since 1894. Voters chose to keep it in a 2001 election, but it remains a topic of debate in a state.

All eight state funded public universities and several counties and cities, have stopped flying the state flag because of the rebel symbol.

But the battle may not be over as most of the city council members of Biloxi said they disagreed with the mayors decision.

Councilman Robert Deming III said, he will introduce a resolution at the next council meeting in May to require the city to fly the state flag.

Mayor Gillich is now up for re-election and faces an opponent in the May 2 Republican primary.