Police Need Your Help


This Just In From Southaven Police
The Southaven Police Department has been looking into a Facebook Post that recently gained attention about an incident that occurred on the Walmart Parking Lot. We have talked to several witnesses and obtained video etc to aid us in this investigation. The incident was reported to the SPD on February 2, 2017 around 1500 hours and was titled as a Malicious Mischief because some damage occurred to the Complainants vehicle. The victim, at the time, felt as though someone purposely caused the damage to her vehicle and needed the report for insurance purposes. During the time of her leaving the Walmart lot she was approached by a man who brought her attention to the damage to her vehicle and offered her his assistance. In an abundance of caution she declined his assistance and drove her vehicle to the Ford Dealership. This then caused more damage to the vehicle.

At this time we are attempting to identify and locate the person that approached the victim and offered his assistance. We need to find out what he observed, if anything, and if he can provide us with any insight as to what may have happened to her vehicle. I have attached a photo of the person of interest and if anyone knows this person please contact the Southaven Police.

Any information about this incident can be called in to the Desoto County Crime Stoppers at (662) 429-TIPS (8477) or the Southaven Police Department. . (662) 393-8652.