Think About It

It looks like Mississippi

lawmakers will renew Southaven’s

so-called “penny for parks”

tax… but with an important

change…. a provision that lets

voters petition to end it.

State Senator Dr. David Parker

gets credit for realizing the

the tax has largely accomplished

it’s goal, and voters should

have the chance to end it if

they choose.

After all, in America, those who

govern, do so with the consent

of the governed.

Too many so-called “temporary

taxes” become permanant, well

after they’ve accomplished their


I once asked one government

leader what he’d so once the tax

he depended on faded into the

past. He answered… “oh, we

plan to keep expanding and

improving to keep this tax in

place forever.”

That’s not what leaders intended

when they levied that tax or

“penny for parks” in the first

place… or was it?

Thanks to the DeSoto County

Conservative Coalition, leaders

may now have to justify

continued expenses AND taxes on


Mayor Darren Musselwhite likes

to complain voters twice

approved the park tax, and that

mostly out-of-towners pay it.

As usual, that misses the point.

The two votes came due to a


Besides, as long as he can show

a need, what does he have to

fear in putting such a “grand

idea” to a vote every so often

to make sure he has the consent

of the governed to carry out his

“grand vision” for Southaven.

Think about it.

I’m Dennis Turner