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This Too Shall Pass

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Did you know that the popular phrase “this too shall pass” is not found in the bible?  Though it is often quoted with the implication that it’s a bible verse, it is actually a Persian

Loving Your Neighbor

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch We have written concerning this subject before, but every good sermon bears repeating. Some of you might replay a favorite song now and then because you like hearing it, so what would be wrong with

On Being A Man

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch What is a man?  What defines a real man?  Some say that when Dale Earnhardt, Sr died at Daytona in 2001, NASCAR’s last real man died. Some point to John Wayne as America’s last real

Social Media And The Christian

Southaven, MS By: Mike Upchurch Well, I suppose it’s time to rant a bit concerning some social media posts I see now and then.  If you had an acquaintance who professed to be an avid deer hunter, wouldn’t you expect

Would God Write About You?

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch I would like to pose a question. You can answer it in the privacy of your own mind. “If the Bible were being written today, would you be found among its verses?” Well?   Would

Living In The Swamp

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Did you ever notice the world is like a swamp?  It’s dark and scary and smelly in some places. There is pain and suffering in the swamp. There are things that can eat you alive

What Is Worship?

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch What is worship to you?  What is your worship like? Is worship defined as something you do on Sunday mornings amidst a Congregation of other people, all standing upright in obedience as they dutifully look

Does God Need Us ?

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch There are certain things some positions require in order to hold those positions. Parents need to have had children or have adopted them in order to be parents. Dog owners need a dog in order

What is Peace ?

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch What is peace? There are many definitions I suppose, but for me peace is the following….. Peace is pillowing your head at night preparing for a deep and restful sleep, content and secure in the

Fasting For God’s Favor

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch The practice of fasting is mentioned at the beginning of each New Year by many Church leaders, and I for one have always been a fan of fasting. Some Pastors promote fasting among their congregation