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Current Conditions in Olive Branch

Look Before You Lock

Please “look before you lock” your car to avoid a tragedy.

Weather Safety on the Lake

Keep your eyes on the skies this weekend if lake activities are in your future.

Hail Size Chart

Winter Storm Products from the NWS

What do the different winter storm products issued by the NWS really mean?

Signs of Hypothermia

What are the signs of hypothermia and what can you do to prevent it?

What Causes Winter in North America?

Once again, Weather 101 with Meteorologist Sam Rikard.

Weather 101 with Meteorologist Sam Rikard

Why I think the cold air that will be coming next week will hang around longer than usual.

Cold Weather Tips

How do you recognize hypothermia?

DeSoto Weather 2016 Year Review 2016 Weather Year Review All in all, 2016 will go down in our weather history books as one without any real notable events. Our average temperature for the year was 63.7 degrees. The highest temperature for the year of