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Never Give Up

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Winston Churchill is attributed with saying “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”   Author H. Jackson Brown, Jr. is credited with this quote….. “Never give up on

The Good Shepherd

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch In chapter 10 of the New Testament book of John, Jesus discusses the timeless profession of a shepherd.  He stated that sheep know the voice of their shepherd and they will follow him, but they

The Name of Jesus

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch When people hear the name of Jesus, many thoughts may come to their mind.  They may reflect back on a portrait of Jesus they have seen; that one where He is portrayed as a handsome

Looking Ahead

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch With the end of the year upon us, it’s time to gear up for 2019.  I would like to share some favorite quotes and some personal observations as we face the New Year. If you

He That Overcomes

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Are you dealing with a particular sin that you just can’t seem to overcome? In terms of our Christian walk, what does it mean to overcome, and what exactly are we overcoming? In the King

There’s A Better Day A’ Comin’.

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch There’s a better day a’ comin’. There IS a better day coming! No matter what you’re going through, or where you find yourself, or what you’re having to endure, there is a better tomorrow in

A Pastors Perspective, Bible Versions

Southaven,Ms By: Mike Upchurch Bible Versions Over the years I’ve encountered many Christians who label themselves as “King James Only”. Some are adamant that the KJV is the only version of the Bible God would have us study from. A

A Pastors Perspective,Who Is It About ?

Southaven,Ms By: Mike Upchurch Who Is It About ? I’m beginning to sound like “Johnny One Note” in my writings, capable of singing only one note, or writing about one specific point over and again, but this week I must

A Pastors Perspective, Does God Change His Mind?

Southaven,Ms By, Mike Upchurch Does God Change His Mind? Well, for me, the answer to that question is a simple and direct one. No. Further, I don’t believe God has ever changed His mind. I can already imagine many of

A Pastors Perspective, Be Resurrected!

Southaven,Ms By: Mike Upchurch Be Resurrected! It’s Resurrection Sunday! We call it Easter, but it’s also Resurrection Sunday, and it is about LIFE! Jesus was crucified on a Friday and rose to life on Sunday morning almost 2000 years ago.