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Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch The Maker of all human beings (God) is recalling all units manufactured, regardless of make or year, due to a serious defect in the primary and central component of the heart. This is due to

Set Your House In Order

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch “Set your house in order.”  Can you imagine hearing those words and then realize the pending outcome they would bring?  But that is exactly what King Hezekiah heard from the Lord through the prophet Isaiah.

Is Racism Ever Right ?

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch In the contentious and volatile world the present day media lives in, there is a great deal of emphasis on race relations and it seems there is a lot of pitting of races against each

Be Glad That You’re You

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Be glad that you’re you I had no say in the color of my skin….. nor did I choose when my life would begin I did not choose my ancestors, or my own Family Tree…..

A Pastor’s Perspective, Let’s Get Real About Tithing

Southaven,Ms By: Michael Upchurch Let’s Get Real About Tithing I have written before about tithing. And pro-con arguments and discussions concerning the tithe and tithing certainly abound on the Internet, but let’s have a look at it today from perhaps