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Green King Spray Weather Almanac

Yesterday’s high in Olive Branch was 38. Our overnight low has been 25.  The record high for this date was 77 in 2015+ and the record low was 9 in 1917. Year to date rainfall is 81.62 inches. The average

Sunny and Quite Cool Today

Sunny today with calm winds and highs in the middle 40’s. Tonight’s low will be in the upper 20’s. Partly cloudy Thursday with highs near 50 and lows in the middle 30’s. Friday will be cloudy with highs in the

An America Without Christ

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Regarding the Christmas Holiday Season we are in, I was reflecting on this somber thought;  What if Jesus had not come to earth?  What if the Father had changed His mind and saved only His

We Need More Nice People

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Let’s say that you are a huge fan of singer Ronnie Dunn, one half of the famous country music duo Brooks and Dunn. So much so that you decide to start up a Ronnie Dunn Fan Club. You acquire

A Time Once Again For Unity

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Let’s revisit this column from last year in light of the current proceedings on Capital Hill. It is not meant to be political, but more about what our responses should be from a biblical standpoint

Putting The “Give” In Thanksgiving

Horn Lake, Ms Thanksgiving came early for 30 families in Southaven and Horn Lake today thanks to some great neighbors. Members of the Horn Lake Masonic Lodge 617 spent Saturday morning preparing Thanksgiving baskets for families that needed a little

Judgement Is Coming

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch This country has never looked as it does today. Growing up in the 50’s in Missouri, every business in my hometown of Cape Girardeau was closed on Sunday. It was called the Blue Law, and

The Greatest Verse

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Someone once asked me what I felt the greatest or most important verse in the Bible might be. Many might respond to that query with John 3:16, as it summarizes the Gospel story. But to


Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch The Maker of all human beings (God) is recalling all units manufactured, regardless of make or year, due to a serious defect in the primary and central component of the heart. This is due to

Elvis, Religion, Elephants, and Life

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch I was talking with one of my close friends the other day and we were musing about a mutual friend who is a huge Elvis fan.  I made the comment that it was a bit