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Do You Wanna’ Win?

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Do You Wanna’ Win? The following is a Bible Study I wrote about 10 years ago that still has worth today. It addresses how to be MORE than an overcomer in Christ. I am certainly

Your Life Ends: What Happens Next ?

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Lies Versus Truth Most of us have experienced being lied to on some level. But have you ever been lied to about something critically important, and when the truth came out, your whole world crumbled?

Follow Your Instincts

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Instincts In the culture we’re in, it’s common to assign a Disney-like animated personality to animals around us. Do you ever wonder, for example, if a caterpillar dreams of being a butterfly or a moth

The Wonder Of Knowing Him

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch If you’re not a born again Christian but yet believe in God, you might dream that knowing the Lord personally could really be helpful in life. You might think that if God would visit with

There’s A Better Day A’ Comin’.

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch There’s a better day a’ comin’. There IS a better day coming! No matter what you’re going through, or where you find yourself, or what you’re having to endure, there is a better tomorrow in

Be Glad That You’re You

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch Be glad that you’re you I had no say in the color of my skin….. nor did I choose when my life would begin I did not choose my ancestors, or my own Family Tree…..

A Pastor’s Perspective, A WARNING

Southaven, Ms By: Mike Upchurch A WARNING Consider this a warning shot across the bow. You are on dangerous ground if you’ve not yet surrendered to the Lord. If you have not submitted to Him your future is in peril.

A Pastor’s Perspective, Counterfeits of Christian Principles

Southaven,MS By: Michael Upchurch Counterfeits of Christian Principles Have you noticed the World seems to counterfeit the principles of the kingdom of the Lord? Welfare programs, tolerance for the LGBT Community, illegal immigrant support; these are among the platforms the