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Dennis Turner Takes A Closer Look At The Chambers Murder Trial

Southaven,Ms One could hope, that whatever verdict the jury returns in the Quentin Tellis trial for the murder of Jessica Chambers of Courtland, everyone could accept it. After all, this case has become one of the most throroughly investigated cases

A Closer Look With Steve Hopkins “Death Certificates”

Southaven,MS By: Steve Hopkins Death Certificates One of the biggest requests for help I get is for assistance in getting a family member’s death certificate expedited by the state. The average wait time is between 7 and 8 weeks. Seriously?

A Closer Look at Car Tags

Southaven,Ms By: Steve Hopkins Car Tags! By far the subject that I get the most comments/ questions about concerns car tags. • Please do something about the outrageous car tag cost. • Why are car tags so high? • Does

Our Community With Ronnie Hale

Southaven,Ms By: Ronnie Hale MY REALITY What does the word “NEIGHBORHOOD” mean to you? If you stop and think about it, I am pretty sure it would mean something different for each one of you. Webster’s Dictionary defines a Neighborhood

Closer Look At Term Limits

Southaven,Ms By: Steve Hopkins Term Limits Looking too long at the political landscape today is even more dangerous than looking too long at the eclipse; at least the eclipse will not permanently scramble your brain. These are some of the

Closer Look At Citizen Authored Legislation

Southaven,Ms By, Steve Hopkins Citizen Authored Legislation. Did you know you could author legislation as a citizen? That’s right all you would have to do is find a legislator who would agree to sponsor your bill. Recently an up and

Charlie Gard and Parental Rights in Mississippi

Olive Branch,MS By: Dana Criswell, Representative District 6, Olive Branch For several months we’ve followed the tragic story of Charlie Gard in England. We’ve watched as his parents fought a government bureaucracy that cared more about money and policy than

Closer Look At The Missississippi State Flag

Southaven,MS By: Steve Hopkins The State Flag debate is back at the forefront as one of the most talked about issues in Mississippi of late. Last week Mississippi hosted the Southern Legislative Conference with over 1300 people attending. At this

Think About It “Ken Murphree”

DeSoto County,MS By: Dennis Turner Ken Murphree, was one of the most wily politicians I’ve ever met. And get this, he technically wasn’t even a politician. As DeSoto County Administrator, he led DeSoto County through the beginning of its highest

A Closer Look With Steve Hopkins (The Republican Party)

Southaven,MS By: Steve Hopkins Where has the party of Reagan gone? The Republican Party today contains factions of liberal progressives, Moderate progressives, Moderates, those who are fiscally conservative but socially progressive, those who are socially conservative and fiscally liberal and