A Pastor’s Perspective, Five Step Plan


By: Mike Upchurch

Five Things You Need To Do As A Christian

As far as being victorious in your Christian walk, there is no surefire “Five Step Plan” outlined in the scriptures, but there are five things you can implement in your life that will guarantee you victory! These are lifestyle choices we can make. Choices the Holy Spirit has taught me over the years that, when applied, are keys to any success we might obtain. They are not easy to do. If they were, then no one would struggle. And no one would backslide. No one would fail the Lord in walking with Him. They are difficult, but they are not impossible.

Number One:
Die To Self

Sounds easy enough. Just say no to the flesh. But, saying no to the flesh every time seems to be the key. Saying no when the flesh wants something the spirit doesn’t want is critical. Whoever wins that battle will be in control. If the flesh has it’s way then the spirit man inside you, and your relationship with the Lord, will suffer. You must allow the spirit man inside you to be in control and be in charge at all times. If you’re tempted with engaging in sensual pleasure, or indulging in habits the flesh enjoys, or watching suggestive movies or videos, or going out for a night of ‘partying’, or any other activity in which the flesh may want to participate, in the end the spirit man must rule over the flesh and win! Just say NO!

Number Two:
Be A Worshipper

Seriously, be in awe of Him continually. Really in awe. Delve into the Psalms for starters, and see what the psalmists wrote. Examine Psalms 29 or 33 for example. See how they describe Him. Recognize His power. Meditate on the nature around you and recognize His wondrous creativity. Know that He is eternally the same. Know that He is holy. As we’ve said before, worship is not three songs on Sunday morning, worship is a lifestyle. If you’re playing music as part of your worship, focus on music that elevates Him rather than makes it about us or what we will inherit. As I’ve stated before, “I’ll fly away” is a perfect example of a song which has no worship within its lyrics. It’s about us and what WE get. Listen to some of Sandi Patty’s music. Her album “Songs from the Heart” is filled with true worship music that elevates Him and isn’t about us. Which leads me to point number three.

Number Three:
Remind Yourself It’s Not About Us

Really. It’s about Him. If you want to be successful, make it about Him. Continually. It’s about what HE wants, not what we want. It’s about spending your prayer time asking what HE would have you do, not reminding Him of your list of things you want Him to do for you. When HE calls the shots regarding relationships, jobs, where we worship, or in how we respond to others, then you’ll be successful. Having an attitude of always making it about Him will guarantee your life will be pleasing to the Lord.

Number Four:
Be Repentant

We’ve covered this in the past, as well as everything else on this list, but repent. To truly repent means to turn away from those things that you know are sin and are keeping you from surrendering. Turn around and walk the other way. Think differently. Lay it down and don’t pick it up again, no matter what it is that you’re struggling with. To refer back to number one, say no to the flesh and repent.

Number Five:

We’re not talking about your prayers that you rehearsed and memorized as a child, we’re talking about PRAYING! Being in a constant state of praying. Not asking for things you need or reminding Him of your lack, but praying to Him about ways to improve yourself and about ways to please Him. Praying in an attitude of worship. Conversation instead of requests. Your prayertime can be as much about listening as it is about talking. Praying silently in your mind and under your breath while walking, while driving, while watching TV (mute the sound and pray during commercials), and especially while resting. Be in conversation with your Savior, your Deliverer, your Creator, and your Comforter. Talk with Him as much as you talk with your best friend, because that’s who He’ll become when you’re in constant prayer.

There are certainly other things that we could add to this list; things such as reading your bible, tithing, serving others, etc. But master these five and all else will naturally follow.

Here they are in summary. Copy and paste them. Print them out and tape them to your bathroom mirror or your car dash. Incorporate them as a daily part of who you are or who you’re striving to become;

1. Die to self
2. Be A Worshipper
3. Remind Yourself It’s Not About Us
4. Be Repentant
5. Pray

Incorporate these as activities in your daily life, and everything else will fall in place.

And that’s the way I see it!

Pastor Mike