A Pastors Perspective,The Benefits Of Serving The Lord


By: Mike Upchurch

The benefits of serving the Lord

Have you ever considered the “perks” that come with serving the Lord? In one Psalm alone, we find over a dozen benefits listed. Psalm 103, authored by King David and a favorite of many, is FILLED with the blessings and benefits that come in a package to every believer! What starts out as a note to himself then becomes a list of the many promises available to ALL of us who believe in Him and have surrendered our lives in obedience!

In the introduction in verse 1, David commands himself to “Bless the LORD”, and in verse 2, he reminds himself not to forget the many benefits he then proceeds to list.

He starts in verse 3 stating two promises; that He pardons ALL our sins (not just the small ones, but ALL of them!), and He heals our diseases!

In Verse 4, we’re told He redeems us from the pit and crowns us with lovingkindness and compassion.

Verse 5 tells that He satisfies our lives with good things so that we have the energy of our youth.

Verse 6 says if we’re oppressed, He performs righteous deeds and judgements for us.

Verse 8 promises us that He is compassionate and gracious and slow to anger and He is abounding in lovingkindness.

Verse 10 states the very real truth that He hasn’t punished us for our sins as we deserve!

Verse 11 paints the portrait that the number of miles from the earth to the heavens (which is an infinite number once you leave our atmosphere) is a comparison of how great His lovingkindness is toward us who fear Him!!

Verse 12 says that He has taken our sin so far away that it can’t be located. The east will never meet the west and that’s where He has deposited our sins. In a faraway place that can never be found.

Verse 13 again reminds us that He has compassion on us like a Father does toward his children.

Verse 14 brings comfort to us as David reminds us He knows that we are weak. “We are but dust” he states. The reminder is He knows us because He created us!!

Verse 17 and 18 once again remind us of God’s lovingkindness toward those of us who fear Him and keep His commands. That fear is not being afraid of Him, but being in awe!

Verse 19 reminds us He is on His throne; He is sovereign and rules over all. Sovereign simply means He does as He pleases, but it’s always good toward us!

David then concludes with the opening refrain to “Bless the LORD”, all of us who serve Him!

That’s over 18 benefits stated in just one psalm alone!! And there are 150 psalms!!
Truly we serve a wondrous God who has made every provision for us, both now and in eternity! Yes indeed, bless the LORD, O my soul!!

And that’s the way I see it!

Pastor Mike