A Pastors Perspective,Before and After


Before and After

We have all had a lot of before and after moments, and believe me, I’m VERY grateful for my “befores”.
For example, I wouldn’t know how wonderful it is to be pain-free unless I had first known excruciating pain. (Having birthed nine kidney stones, I’m acquainted with pain).
I wouldn’t know the contentment a loving companion like Beth brings, unless I had first walked in loneliness and emptiness. I wouldn’t recognize true love and faithfulness without having first experienced an unfaithful woman with a selfish love.

I would not know how good it feels to be rested without first being bone tired and weary. I wouldn’t know the joy of being full without having experienced hunger. (I have done two 40 day fasts over the years; I know hunger).
I raced for several years and I couldn’t know the thrill of victory unless I’d also known the misery of defeat. Again and again. I couldn’t recognize peace and feeling satisfied unless I had first known anxiety and torment.

And in spiritual terms, I couldn’t know the joy of mercy without first knowing the law and how I stood condemned.
I couldn’t know the peace His grace brings without having first walked through the discovery, shame and guilt of my own sins.
I couldn’t know the joy of forgiveness unless I had shed tears and was filled with remorse at my unforgiven state.
I’m grateful for all my experiences in this flesh, but I’m even more grateful for my spiritual experiences, for they have taught me how wonderful it feels to be forgiven. You just feel light and clean and ALIVE for lack of better adjectives! It feels so different to be walking hand in hand with a loving, compassionate, kind, understanding Lord, rather than hiding from a God you felt was angry at you. It feels marvelous to have all that He offers me that I never had before I surrendered. I have peace I hadn’t known at all. I have wisdom I could never have had on my own! I now possess understanding I was certainly lacking, and I now have love I’d NEVER felt! I have so much now that was lacking before. And it’s ALL due to my giving my heart and my will to Him, and having Him transform me from the inside out!

Be grateful for what you’ve gone through to get to where you are now in Him! And if you don’t know Him, experience Him!! It’s wonderful to be alive today and reflect on how my life used to be BC! If you don’t know Him and you’re living an empty and lonely life, then the only difference between you and me is that I found Him and found EVERYTHING I had been looking for!! You need Him! Today!

Thank You Lord, thank You. Really. I could never ever begin to repay You for all You’ve given me!

And that’s the way I see it!

Pastor Mike