Tate County Investigating Claims Of Police Impersonator

Tate County,MS

The Tate County Sheriffs Department is investigating claims on Facebook of what appeared to be a traffic stop on I-55 by a police impersonator.

According to Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance, one of his deputies stopped the in question white SUV vehicle and its driver early Wednesday morning.

After making contact with the driver of the white SUV they have determined that it was not a traffic stop but
a security officer assisting a motorist that had ran out of gas.

Sheriff Lance posted on Facebook that the owner of the car in the photo had come forward and told him the man in the SUV did not pull the car over.
Instead, he said his daughter was stranded on the side of the road and the man stayed with her until she and her father were able to get the vehicle going.

They are not releasing the SUV drivers name because he is not charged with anything according to Lance.

Lance wants to remind citizens to report potential crimes to law enforcement not Facebook.